Come on in!


I'm David, a creative lead with 15 years experience working across: Brand, product & experience design for clients in Technology, Fashion, Music, Finance & Advertising.

I love grappling with ambiguous briefs, exploring creative territories, presenting concepts, solving problems and getting on the tools.
Employing design thinking and agile methodology to iterate and develop consistent solutions, design systems and procedural workflows.
With a deep specialism and passion for Design systems, Motion, 3D, Immersive tech and AI.

Most of my recent projects are under NDA so please get in touch for details on how we can work together! Download my CV here.

In addition to commercial projects I also create products and artwork as Vidanoise and post work at: Instagram and Vimeo



“Part of the ambition at Territory is to take the future world gazing aspect of the work we do on films and tv shows and start to bring it into existence in the real world. You’ve really delivered. [The project shows] an elegance and depth of consideration I’d always hope to see in our work. It’s an incredible body of work for a really complex project”

David Sheldon Hicks - Founder @ Territory Studio

“In all my years as a designer I don’t think I have met a more enthusiastic and grateful client for the work that David [and his team] did on this project. Incredible praise and positivity”

Michael Albers - Founder @ W12

“You brought our vision to life. What you did in 8 weeks will keep us working for years. Incredible work”

Nelson Delicado — Head of innovation @ NOS

“It was a pleasure working with David and I learnt a lot. We had to turn what was light and fluid briefs on very futuristic opportunities into solid, tangible concepts that could be executed today, which wouldn't have been possible without David's ability to create a product or experience from a big vision”

Tevi Tuakli - Head of Strategy @ Rehab